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Brandon Presley Earns The Endorsement Of Greenwood Commonwealth Because He Is The “Most Courageous Candidate”

November 4, 2023

Brandon Is The Only Statewide Democratic Candidate To Earn The Endorsement Of The Greenwood Commonwealth

REMINDER: Tate Reeves Is Tied Up In The State’s Largest Corruption Scandal

November 4, 2023

Tate Reeves has been caught up in the middle of the largest public corruption scandal in state history.

On Tate Reeves’ Watch, Public Schools Have Been Underfunded

November 3, 2023

During Tate Reeves’ 12 years at the top of Mississippi’s government, Mississippi’s public schools were only fully funded once.

On Tate Reeves’ Watch, Mississippi Has Some Of The Worst Health Outcomes In The Nation

November 2, 2023

Under Tate Reeves, Mississippi has the worst health outcomes in the country.

“I Believe Everybody I Meet Is A Child Of God:” Brandon Pledges To Treat Every Mississippian With Dignity And Respect

November 1, 2023

If you catch one moment from tonight’s Mississippi gubernatorial debate, let it be this one:

Brandon Presley Wins WAPT Debate, Reeves Still Unable To Answer For Failed Record After Months Of Dodging

November 1, 2023

Following tonight’s WAPT debate, Presley for Governor Campaign Manager Ron Owens released the following statement:

Tate Reeves Gave Himself A Nearly $40,000 Raise While Refusing To Cut Taxes That Target Working Mississippians

November 1, 2023

Tate Reeves refuses to cut the grocery tax and car tag fees and put more money in the pockets of hard-working Mississippians.

Democrats Are Enthusiastic About Brandon Presley’s “Near-Perfect Campaign,” Applaud His Outreach To Black Mississippians

November 1, 2023

With one week until election day, a new article from Mississippi Today highlights Mississippi Democrats’ enthusiasm for Brandon Presley.

Brandon Presley Outraises Tate Reeves 3 To 1, Has More Cash On Hand With One Week To Go

October 31, 2023

Following the news that Brandon Presley has outraised Tate Reeves by 3 to 1 and has more cash on hand, Presley for Governor Campaign Manager Ron Owens released the following statement:

Presley For Governor Campaign Raises $3.4 Million This Period, Continuing Fundraising Momentum Into The Home Stret

October 31, 2023

Presley For Governor Campaign Raises Twice What Tate Reeves Raised In This Time Period In 2019

Tate Reeves Abandoned Mississippi In The Aftermath Of A Tornado To Pick Up A $500,000 Campaign Check

October 31, 2023

In Missisippians’ time of need after devastating tornadoes, Tate Reeves abandoned Mississippi for an out-of-state fundraiser.

Daily Mississippian Editorial Board Endorses Brandon Presley Because He Can “Change Mississippi For The Better”

October 26, 2023

Daily Mississippian Editorial Board: “He Brings More Than Just The Presley Name To The Table. He Has A Wealth Of Political Experience And A Backstory That Mississippians Can Relate To.”


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