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Presley For Governor Campaign Raises $3.4 Million This Period, Continuing Fundraising Momentum Into The Home Stret

Presley For Governor Campaign Raises Twice What Tate Reeves Raised In This Time Period In 2019


October 31, 2023

Nettleton – Today, the Brandon Presley for Governor campaign is announcing $3.4 million raised this period, continuing the campaign’s fundraising momentum into the home stretch. The campaign has raised nearly $11.3 million total this year and closed out the fundraising period with over $1.25 million cash on hand. 

For a second filing period in a row, this is the most money any Democratic gubernatorial nominee has raised in state history. This is also double the amount Tate Reeves raised in the same fundraising period in 2019.

“Brandon is breaking fundraising records left and right and has traveled to all 82 counties where he is seeing the momentum behind our campaign to cut the grocery tax, expand Medicaid, and clean up corruption,” said Ron Owens, Campaign Manager for Brandon Presley for Governor. “Meanwhile, Mississippi Republican consultants are hitting the panic button because Tate Reeves is an uninspiring candidate caught up in the largest public corruption scandal in state history while Mississippi hospitals are on the brink of closure on his watch.” 

The Presley for Governor Campaign has built a historic organizing team, engaging more Mississippians earlier than any other Democratic gubernatorial campaign in recent memory and completing an 82-county tour. The campaign is also making a historic investment to reach Black Mississippians, and this represents the most extensive turnout effort for a Democratic gubernatorial campaign in Mississippi history. An AP story said, “Presley has raised more campaign cash than Reeves this year, and he’s attracting larger and more diverse crowds than any Democrat running for Mississippi governor in a generation.”

Meanwhile, Republicans are sounding the alarm about how Tate Reeves is an uninspiring, weak candidate whom their base does not trust - and are openly worried about turnout with one week until Election Day.

  • When Cook Political Report shifted the race from likely to lean Republican, a Mississippi GOP operative said, “Tate’s likability is an issue, and I think that can affect turnout.”

  • Jack Fairchilds, Conservative Talk Radio host said “Conservative voters were considering a number of options ahead of the Nov. 7 election — including staying home or even voting for Presley.”


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