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On Tate Reeves’ Watch, Mississippi Has Some Of The Worst Health Outcomes In The Nation

Under Tate Reeves, Mississippi has the worst health outcomes in the country.


November 2, 2023

Nettleton – In the final seven days, the Presley for Governor campaign is unveiling a new press release series, “7 Days, 7 Ways Tate Has Failed Mississippi,” highlighting seven (only 7! sticking to 7 is tough!) ways Tate Reeves has failed the Magnolia State. Day three serves as a reminder that, under Tate Reeves, Mississippi has the worst health outcomes in the country.

During Tate Reeves’ tenure at the top of Mississippi’s state government, the state’s healthcare system has been driven to the brink of collapse. Hospitals and medical facilities have laid off hundreds of workers or closed their doors, putting Mississippians at risk. Nearly half of the state’s 74 hospitals are at risk of closing, with 25 of those being at risk of closing immediately.

Due to Reeves’ refusal to expand Medicaid, mothers and babies are among those hurt the most by the governor’s failed leadership. The maternal mortality rate in Mississippi has increased by almost 9%, with a 25% increase among Black women. Mississippi has also seen the highest infant and homicide mortality rates in the country.

Due to Reeves’ failed policies, Mississippians often have to travel up to an hour to seek emergency care, and Mississippi’s suicide rate has reached its highest level in 20 years, according to a CDC report.

“Mississippi mothers and babies are suffering from Tate Reeves’ refusal to expand Medicaid,” said Michael Beyer, Communication Director for Brandon Presley. “Brandon Presley will expand Medicaid on Day One, keeping hospitals open and ensuring doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals can continue serving Mississippi families.”


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