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Presley For Governor Campaign Releases New TV Ad, “Deceived,” Highlighting Brandon Presley’s Role In Defeating the Multi-million Kemper Power Boondoggle

Voiceover: “That’s The Choice. Tate Reeves Fought To Raise Your Power Bills. Brandon Presley Fought For You.”


September 19, 2023

Nettleton - Today, the Presley for Governor campaign launched a new digital ad, “Deceived,” to highlight that while Tate Reeves allowed Kemper Power to raise Mississippi taxes by as much as 41 percent, Brandon Presley had the backbone to stand against it. 


The ad shows news coverage from the time when Mississippi was faced with “the biggest boondoggle” in state history that would have raised “customer rates as much as 41 percent.” Tate Reeves did nothing to stop it, and did the bidding of Mississippi Power by pushing through a $1 billion dollar bailout. Brandon Presley, who served as Public Service Commissioner at the time, stood alone against Republicans and D.C. Democrats, and voted against the rate hike.

“While Tate Reeves did the bidding of giant utility companies who wanted to stick Mississippians with higher light bills and on the hook for billons of dollars, Brandon Presley has the backbone to stand up to big corporations and look out for Mississippi taxpayers,” said Ron Owens, Brandon Presley for Governor Campaign Manager. “Mississippians are ready for a leader like Brandon, who has the guts and backbone to cut taxes and keep their rates low, expand healthcare for working people, and clean up the corruption in state government.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

VOICEOVER: It was a boondoggle that would have raised electric bills 41 percent. 

Still, Tate Reeves pushed through a billion dollar bailout for the failed Kemper Power Plant, and took over $100,000 from the utility company building it. 

Brandon Presley, he “got it right,” and voted against the Kemper Power Plant, saving Mississippi taxpayers billions. 

That’s the choice. Tate Reeves fought to raise your power bills. Brandon Presley fought for you.


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