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Presley For Governor Campaign Releases New Digital Ad, “Watchdog,” Highlighting Tate Reeves Failure To Fulfill Campaign Promises And Lookout For Taxpayer Dollars

NARRATOR: “Watchdog? Really?”


October 3, 2023

Nettleton - Today, the Presley for Governor campaign launched a new digital ad, “Watchdog,” to highlight that Tate Reeves has been lying to voters since he ran on the platform of being a “watchdog’ for the taxpayers while millions of dollars were stolen from taxpayers and funneled to his wealthy and well-connected friends.


The ad highlights old campaign footage of Tate Reeves making promises of being a watchdog of taxpayer dollars, promising to end the days “of handouts and giveaways” in Mississippi, and saying he is not the guy for the special interests. But instead of fulfilling those promises and looking out for taxpayer dollars, Tate Reeves looked the other way while his campaign contributors spent millions of taxpayer dollars on themselves and stalled the welfare scandal investigation by firing the former prosecutor investigating the volleyball stadium.

Last month, a report revealed Todd Reeves, Tate Reeves’ brother, coordinated in a backchannel with state Auditor Shad White to do damage control for Brett Favre after the OSA audit revealed that millions of taxpayer dollars meant for working families were stolen and misspent on a volleyball stadium, a horse ranch, and even to fund Tate’s own personal trainer.

Proving he isn’t the watchdog with money he claims to be, in 2020, Tate Reeves pledged to return donations from those involved in the largest public corruption scandal in state history, including Nancy New and Zach New, who gave his campaign $8,500 while they were also stealing money from taxpayers. Reeves has broken that promise and even had a little temper tantrum when asked about his failure to return donations.

“Tate Reeves failed to be a watchdog while his guilty welfare fraudster campaign contributors Nancy and Zach New stole millions of taxpayer dollars meant for working families on pet-projects for themselves,” said Ron Owens, Brandon Presley for Governor Campaign Manager. “Mississippians deserve a governor like Brandon Presley, who has the guts to take on a corrupt system and put government back in the hands of the people where it belongs.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

TATE REEVES: The first time I ran, I told the people of Mississippi that I was going to be a watchdog for the taxpayers.

TATE REEVES: The days of Mississippi running its government with and for handouts and giveaways is over.

NARRATOR: But here’s what happened.

At least $77 million for needy families instead funneled to pet projects of the politically connected and celebrities.

NARRATOR: Tate Reeves promised to protect your tax dollars. Instead, under his watch, your money was funneled to his wealthy and well-connected friends. And then he blocked the investigation by firing the independent prosecutor.

TATE REEVES: Special interests have been rigging the system to get more of your taxpayer money in your pocket. I’m not their guy.

NARRATOR: Actually, he is.

REPORTER: Bombshell reporting examines Governor Tate Reeves and his links to the largest welfare scandal in state history.

NARRATOR: Watchdog? Really?


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