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Presley For Governor Campaign Raises $5.6 Million In Q3, Breaks 20-Year Fundraising Record

Presley For Governor Raised $7.8 Million This Year, Most Ever For A Democratic Candidate


October 10, 2023

Nettleton – Today, the Brandon Presley for Governor campaign is announcing over $5.6 million raised this quarter and nearly $4.5 million for the period. The campaign has raised over $7.8 million total this year and closed out the fundraising period with nearly $2 million cash on hand. 

This is the most money any Democratic gubernatorial nominee has raised in state history, breaking a 20-year-old record held by then-Governor Ronnie Musgrove who raised $7.7 million in 2003. The campaign continues to be fueled by growth in small-dollar donors, with this quarter having the same amount of small-dollar donors as the entire campaign combined. 

“With these strong fundraising numbers, our campaign has the momentum to send Tate Reeves packing so we can expand Medicaid on day one, tackle corruption head on, and cut taxes for Mississippi families. While Tate Reeves hides out in the governor’s mansion, refusing to answer for his role in the largest public corruption scandal in state history and a failing healthcare system, our campaign is leaving no stone unturned,” said Ron Owens, Campaign Manager for Brandon Presley for Governor. “Brandon Presley is the kind of leader Mississippi families have shown that they are ready for. He’s ready to put state government back in the hands of the people - where it belongs.”

In the last few months, the Presley for Governor Campaign has released TV ads highlighting Brandon’s plans to cut taxes for working Mississippians and expand Medicaid on day one. The campaign has also run ads to highlight Tate Reeves' role in the largest public corruption scandal in state history. The campaign has also built a historic organizing team, engaging more Mississippians in every corner of the state earlier than any other Democratic gubernatorial campaign in recent memory.


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