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Presley Campaign Launches, Exposing Reeves’ Connections To The Largest Public Corruption Scandal In State History Will Provide Mississippians With Info On Where Their Hard-Earned Taxpayer Dollars Went, From Volleyball Stadiums To Steak Dinners


July 27, 2023

Nettleton - Ahead of Tate Reeves’ sure-to-be lackluster speech at the Neshoba County Fair, the Presley for Governor Campaign released, a new website that will serve as a clearinghouse for Mississippians to learn more about Tate Reeves’ connections to the largest public corruption scandal in state history. 

The website will educate Mississippians about the $77 million meant to help working families that was stolen, lost and squandered by Tainted Tate’s friends, including Nancy New, Zach New, and Paul Lacoste. While Tainted Tate’s friends stole millions of taxpayer dollars meant for working families on steak dinners, luxury cars, vacations, a volleyball stadium, a horse ranch, and concerts, he did nothing to hold them accountable. Even worse, Reeves blocked the investigation and protected his campaign donors by firing the lead investigator when he got too close to his buddies.

Tainted Tate’s friends have been following him throughout this campaign. Tate Reeves’ campaign used footage from welfare fraudster Nancy New’s now-defunct school in their re-election launch video and their first TV ad - and Tainted Tate has refused to return his campaign contributions from New that power his campaign. As Tate Reeves travels around the Neshoba County Fair, he must answer why he failed to do his job and catch the rampant fraud that happened on his watch.

“Missisippians deserve to know about the $77 million Tainted Tate’s friends lost and stole from them and how Reeves tried to block the investigation once the investigator got too close to his campaign contributors - and this website will help them keep track of exactly that,”
said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for Brandon Presley. 

To view the website, click here.


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