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Empty Chair October: It’s Been 21 Days Since Mississippians Started Voting And Tate Reeves Skipped The WJTV Debate Tonight

They’re Working Hard To Keep Him Hidden!


October 13, 2023

Nettleton – In August, WJTV News sent an invitation to Brandon Presley and Tate Reeves to participate in a debate tonight. Brandon Presley accepted it, but again, Tate Reeves refused to answer for his failed administration in front of Mississippi voters. Absentee voting in Mississippi started on September 23, making it 21 days that have gone by without Mississippians getting the answers they deserve from Tate Reeves. 

Brandon Presley was ready to debate tonight at the WJTV studio. But amid a week full of bad press, including a lawsuit about Tate Reeves’ involvement in the largest public corruption scandal in state history, Tate Reeves' failure to cover for his healthcare crisis, and his inability to excite his own base, it’s not surprising Tate Reeves’ campaign has hidden from events that aren’t carefully scripted. Tate Reeves is so scared that he won’t even visit all 82 counties, and he has been conspicuously missing from his own TV ads. His campaign knows that the more voters see Tate Reeves, the less they like him.

Earlier this week, Tate Reeves skipped the NAACP debate in Gulfport because he is afraid to face Mississippians and answer tough questions.

“Every day that Mississippians are voting without hearing a debate is a day without answers for Tate’s involvement in the largest public corruption scandal in state history, or why he spent taxpayer dollars on lemon tree rooms in his mansion instead of our rural hospitals or public schools,” said Brandon Presley, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee. “I am ready to debate anytime, anywhere, and it is time for Tate Reeves to come out of hiding and debate in October because Mississippians are already voting and deserve to hear from the candidates for governor.”

Brandon Presley challenged Tate Reeves to five debates two months ago. Tate has dodged five debates in October because he is afraid to face Mississippians.


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