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Empty Chair October: It’s Been 17 Days Since Mississippians Started Voting And Tate Reeves Still Won’t Debate

What Is Tate Reeves Hiding From Mississippi Voters?


October 9, 2023

Gulfport – Tonight, Brandon Presley will participate in the first gubernatorial debate of the cycle. He won’t be debating with Tate Reeves, who declined the invitation as he continues to hide from Mississippians and won’t answer questions from the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the country. Absentee voting in Mississippi started on September 23, making it 17 days that have gone by without Mississippians getting the answers they deserve from Tate Reeves. 

Where is Tate Reeves? He isn’t visiting all 82 counties. He isn’t appearing in his own TV ads. His team probably knows that, according to a Morning Consult poll, he is tied for the most unpopular governor in the country and his campaign team probably knows that the more Mississippians see of Tate Reeves, the less they like him. But Mississippians are asking questions, and it’s time Tate Reeves shows up and answers them. 

“Mississippians have already started voting, and they deserve to hear some answers from Tate Reeves about why their community hospital is on the brink of closing, why Mississippi has the highest tax on food in the country, or why Tate tries to cover up his role in the largest public corruption scandal in state history,” said Brandon Presley, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee. “Maybe Tate is hiding out in his taxpayer-funded meditation garden, but he certainly won’t debate me until the last possible moment. I’ll be at 6 debates across the state, even if it’s with an empty chair.”

Brandon Presley challenged Tate Reeves to five debates two months ago. Tate has accepted none of the five, but separately announced a 6th debate that Brandon has agreed to.


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