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Commissioner Presley Statement On North Mississippi Medical Center Layoffs

Following the news that North Mississippi Medical Center is laying off employees, Commissioner Presley issued the following statement.


July 13, 2023

Nettleton – Following the news that North Mississippi Medical Center is laying off employees, Commissioner Presley issued the following statement: 

“While Tate Reeves twiddles his thumbs, Mississippi’s healthcare system is burning to the ground. In two days alone, we’ve learned of one hospital closing while another is experiencing layoffs. Tate Reeves is glaringly absent.

“My heart goes out to the employees who’ve lost their jobs amid awful economic times. Many are my neighbors and friends in northeast Mississippi. Unlike Tate Reeves, I care about these families and patients who’ve lost access to healthcare. 

“This crisis will only get worse under Tate Reeves’ failed leadership. As governor, I will end Tate Reeves’ healthcare crisis once and for all by expanding Medicaid which will keep hospitals open, provide affordable healthcare to 220,000 working Mississippians, and create thousands of good-paying jobs across our state.” 


  • Tate Reeves has declined to comment on the failed implementation of his cheap band-aid for hospitals. He has also admitted that it was in his “personal political interest” to oppose expanding Medicaid - despite the policy being a win for Mississippi families, patients, and doctors.

  • Tate Reeves’ refusal to expand Medicaid has cost Mississippi hospitals $1.35 billion annually. Some of the hospitals around Mississippi struggling include:This week, KPC Promise Hospital in Vicksburg announced it is closed.
    In March, Mississippi’s first rural emergency hospital, Alliance Healthcare System, announced they were ending inpatient care in order to try and keep their doors open.
    Greenwood Leflore Hospital has requested donations from the public on its website - and now the county is debating whether to raise property taxes in order to keep the hospital open. Staff is overwhelmed with patients dealing with severe health issues that could have been treated sooner with proper healthcare.
    St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson closed its entire behavioral health unit, laying off 157 workers, and now psychiatric beds are full at nearby hospitals.

Brandon Presley is a fighter who keeps his promises, stands up for the little guy, and isn't afraid to ruffle more than a few feathers to deliver results for hardworking Mississippi families. Brandon served as Mayor of Nettleton from 2001 to 2007, where he got the town moving again, then balanced the budget every year and cut taxes twice. As Public Service Commissioner, Brandon opened up meetings that had been closed to the public for decades, brought high-speed internet to some of the most remote and forgotten parts of Mississippi, put people back to work with the Hire Mississippi program, and saved taxpayers over 6 billion dollars.


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