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Brandon Presley Unveils Second Plank Of “Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs” Plan That Will Invest In The Workforce Of The Future

Today in Jackson, Brandon Presley unveiled the second plank of his “Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs” plan to invest in the workforce of the future.


June 22, 2023

Jackson – Today in Jackson, Brandon Presley unveiled the second plank of his “Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs” plan to invest in the workforce of the future.

“If we want Mississippi families to thrive and our younger generations to stay here, we need to invest in the workforce of the future,” said Commissioner Brandon Presley. “My ‘Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs’ plan will strengthen our economy by giving Mississippians more money in their pockets and new ways to invest in infrastructure and workforce development. We will put state government back on the side of the people who work for a living.”

The second plank of Brandon’s “Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs” plan includes:

  • Collaborating with educational institutions and businesses to provide training and scholarships for high-demand fields such as computer programming, plumbing, and robotics.

  • Ensuring that Mississippi families have access to affordable childcare programs and early childhood education.

  • Investing in infrastructure to improve roads, water, and sewage systems, and high-speed internet access.

  • Expanding Medicaid to provide healthcare to 220,000 working Mississippians because a healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

  • Creating a public-private task force on economic diversity housed under the Mississippi Development Authority that will improve outreach and reduce barriers for Black and minority-owned and women-owned businesses.

  • Strengthening Mississippi’s Equal Pay law to include part-time jobs.

Last week, Brandon Presley’s bold “Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs” plan called for slashing taxes for working families, including eliminating the highest-in-the-country grocery tax and cutting car tag fees in half. Just next door, Republican Gov. Kay Ivey cut the grocery tax in half, yet Tate Reeves has failed to reduce the grocery tax during his 12 years in office.

Brandon Presley is a fighter who keeps his promises, stands up for the little guy, and isn't afraid to ruffle more than a few feathers to deliver results for hardworking Mississippi families. Brandon served as Mayor of Nettleton from 2001 to 2007, where he got the town moving again, then balanced the budget every year and cut taxes twice. As Public Service Commissioner, Brandon opened up meetings that had been closed to the public for decades, brought high-speed internet to some of the most remote and forgotten parts of Mississippi, put people back to work with the Hire Mississippi program, and saved taxpayers over 6 billion dollars.


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