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Brandon Presley Pledges To Clean Up Tate Reeves’ Corruption On First “Grit and Guts” Tour Stop

Presley: “As Governor, I’ll Have The Grit And Guts To Clean Up State Government And Take On The Fights Tate Reeves Is Too Scared To."


August 17, 2023

Jackson – Today, gubernatorial nominee Brandon Presley made the first stop on his “Grit and Guts” Tour. At a press conference outside of the Department of Human Services building, Brandon discussed how he won’t be afraid to take on the challenges that Tate Reeves has been too scared to address.

“Tate Reeves has been caught red-handed in the middle of the largest public corruption scandal in state history, so we’re going around the state to highlight the 77 million ways that Tate Reeves has failed hardworking Mississippians,” said Gubernatorial Nominee Brandon Presley. “As governor, I’ll have the grit and guts to clean up state government, take on the fights Tate Reeves is too scared to, and put corrupt politicians where they belong – in jail.”

The conference was held outside the Mississippi Department of Human Services, where former Director John Davis helped to squander $77 million of hard-earned taxpayer dollars while Tate Reeves looked the other way. Davis has since pled guilty to charges related to fraud and conspiracy, and has even said that some of his actions were “inspired” by then-Lieutenant Governor Reeves. 

In May, Commissioner Presley released a bold ethics reform plan that includes calling a special session to put government back on the side of the people and taking on lobbyists and giant corporations. His plan also includes enacting new policies so that the largest corruption scandal in state history doesn’t happen again and strengthening the Ethics Commission so Mississippians have an independent watchdog they can be proud of.


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