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Brandon Presley Challenges Tate Reeves To Five Debates

Brandon Presley Has Challenged Tate Reeves to Five Debates Before the November Election


August 14, 2023

Nettleton - Today, Brandon Presley challenged Tate Reeves to five debates across Mississippi. 

“I won’t back down from a debate because, unlike Tate Reeves, I am not afraid to face the people of Mississippi. Citizens are owed debates from candidates for Governor and I’ll debate anywhere, any time. Tate Reeves has been caught red-handed in the largest welfare scandal in state history and he doesn’t want to answer for his role in it.” said Brandon Presley, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee. “As Governor, I won’t hide from the people in the Governor’s Mansion - I will be out with the people of Mississippi. It’s time Tate Reeves stops hiding from Mississippians and answers questions about his failed record on making healthcare affordable, cutting taxes and tackling corruption.”

Watch the video here or read the transcript below:

  • [TRANSCRIPT] Hey it’s Brandon Presley running for governor.

  • Today, I’m challenging Tate Reeves to five debates all across Mississippi before voters make their decisions this November.

  • Look, Tate Reeves is afraid to debate me because he knows he’s been caught red-handed in the largest public corruption scandal in Mississippi history and he’s presiding over a failing healthcare system in our state as hospitals close down almost all over the state.

  • Look, I’m willing to defend my record as a public servant and he wants to hide in the Governor’s Mansion and not come out and debate.

  • I’m proud of my time in public service and it’s time we have a full discussion of the issues in this campaign.

  • So how about it, Tate? Are you up for a debate?


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