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War on Corruption

“We need to sanitize our state government that is infected with corruption so we can have a government that responds to the people, not just a government that is auctioned off to the highest bidder.” - Brandon Presley


Read Brandon’s full note about the need for a War on Corruption now >>

    • Ban the unlimited gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers and elected officials from the governor all the way down to stop the unlimited flow of special interest money to state officials and require weekly gift and lobbying disclosure forms;


    • Place limits on the currently unlimited flow of campaign contributions from individuals and political action committees and ban direct contributions from corporations;


    • Ban state officeholders and candidates for state office from accepting contributions during any legislative session;


    • Stop the revolving door from state government into lobbying firms by implementing a 1-year waiting period for former government officials to lobby the state legislature and for lobbyists to join the state government;


    • Increase fines and penalties for politicians that violate ethics and campaign finance laws; 


    • Expand the Mississippi open meetings law to include the Legislature, state elected officials, and hold every state agency responsible for timely public records request responses;


    • Reauthorize the Public Records Act and not let it die; 

    • Hire an independent investigator appointed by the Ethics Commission that cannot be fired by the governor or the legislature, a departure from Tate Reeves, who fired the investigator once he got too close to his lobbyist buddies who gave him football tickets;

    • Create a Task Force on Public Integrity with appointments from the state auditor, attorney general, and executive director of the Department of Finance and Administration to review all state contracts and evaluate the performance of any recipient of taxpayer dollars, with a focus on the Department of Human Services because under Tate Reeves’ watch as lieutenant governor, he failed to provide oversight of $77 million that was stolen or misspent at DHS;

    • Empower the Mississippi Ethics Commission to hold state government accountable as a non-partisan and independent body with the authority to audit, investigate and penalize politicians who violate ethics and campaign finance laws;

      • ​The Ethics Commission will hold all campaign finance reporting and enforcement responsibilities;

    • Require campaign finance reports be available online and easily accessible to the public, and due every 30 days in an election year and quarterly in non-election years;

    • Establish a “Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Transparency and Accountability” comprised of private citizens and good governance experts. The Task Force shall recommend to the governor and legislature specific action items to clean up state government;

    • Support legislation to prohibit companies seeking a license, permit, or non-competitive contract, along with their agents, PACs, and employees, from donating more than $250 to political campaigns from the date of solicitation and/or for 12 months after the final award is made;

    • Require the governor’s office and all state agencies to keep records of all meetings with lobbyists and companies and individuals lobbying the government for contracts or legislation that benefits them.

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