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Tate Reeves’ New Ad Is A Bald-Faced Lie To Distract From His Corrupt Record

Today, Tate Reeves’ campaign released a new ad based on a bald-faced lie to distract from his corrupt record as governor.


August 18, 2023

Nettleton – Today, Tate Reeves’ campaign released a new ad based on a bald-faced lie to distract from his corrupt record as governor. 

The ad says, “Presley said he supports sex changes and puberty-blocking drugs for children, whatever the radical liberals want.” That is a bald-faced lie - Brandon does not support sex changes for children and does not think that men should play women’s sports. Brandon said, “As a man of faith who is pro-life, I’ve never once had an issue disagreeing with my party when they’re wrong, so I’ll be clear: I don’t think boys should be playing against girls, and girls shouldn’t be playing against boys. I don’t think minors should be getting surgery to change their gender.”

In contrast, Tate Reeves doesn’t even have the guts to keep his promises and stand up to a convicted criminal like Nancy New, who stole millions of dollars from disabled children. In 2023, the Associated Press found “no sign” Reeves returned or donated the $8,500 from Nancy and Zach New, even after they pled guilty to criminal charges in the welfare scandal. That’s no surprise - Reeves’ campaign was “proud” to shoot a TV ad at Nancy New’s private school when New was under investigation for stealing millions from disabled children.  

Tate Reeves is trying to distract from the fact that he has failed to protect Mississippi children. Every year Tate Reeves has been governor, Mississippi has ranked the highest in infant mortality in the country. Tate Reeves has failed, and now Mississippi is the “deadliest state for babies.” Mississippi is not just last place but “50th by a mile.”

“Tate Reeves’ new ad is a bald-faced lie and, like all crooks, he is attempting to cover his tracks in the largest public corruption scandal in state history where, on his watch, millions of taxpayer dollars were stolen and given to his rich friends. Tate Reeves has done nothing while Mississippi is the deadliest state for children in the entire country - he is a desperate and failed governor who will say anything to get elected,” said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for Brandon Presley.


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