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Tate’s Tax Hike: Leflore County Considering Multiple Tax Increases To Keep Hospital Open

Commissioner Brandon Presley released the following statement following the news that a consultant advised implementing a permanent tax to keep the Greenwood Leflore Hospital doors open.


August 16, 2023

Nettleton - Following the news that a consultant advised implementing a permanent tax to keep the Greenwood Leflore Hospital doors open in addition to “already anticipating a tax increase later this year to pay back money it has borrowed to provide stopgap funding for the hospital,” Commissioner Brandon Presley released the following statement: 

“Make no mistake: this is Tate’s Tax — after refusing to expand Medicaid to help local hospitals stay afloat, he is hiding and refusing to take responsibility while Leflore County has to raise costs for hardworking Mississippians just to try and keep their hospital open,” said Brandon Presley, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee. “As governor, I will expand Medicaid so that local hospitals can stay open and cut taxes for working families - because both can be done at the same time. I won’t play hide and seek - I will cut your taxes.”

Earlier this year, Greenwood Leflore Hospital started requesting donations from the public on their website - and the county had to publically debate whether to raise property taxes in order to keep the hospital open. 


  • Earlier this year, Tate Reeves approved a cheap band-aid - and still many hospitals are struggling because they cannot get access to what little funding Tate Reeves gave them in an election year.

  • Some of the hospitals around Mississippi struggling include:

  • In March, Mississippi’s first rural emergency hospital, Alliance Healthcare System, announced they were ending inpatient care in order to try and keep their doors open.

  • Last month, North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo announced around 100 people were laid off.

  • KPC Promise Hospital in Vicksburg announced it has closed.

  • St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson closed its entire behavioral health unit, laying off 157 workers, and filling the psychiatric beds at nearby hospitals.

Tate Reeves has declined to comment on his cheap band-aid for hospitals. He has also admitted that it was in his “personal political interest” to oppose expanding Medicaid - despite the policy being a win for Mississippi families, patients, and doctors.


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