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Presley For Governor Campaign Releases New TV Ad, “Day One,” Highlighting How Brandon Presley Would End Tate Reeves’ Hospital Crisis

Presley: “Tate Reeves Is Playing Politics With Our Hospitals. On Day One As Governor, I’ll Expand Medicaid To Keep Our Hospitals Open And Our People Healthy.”


September 6, 2023

Nettleton - Today, the Presley for Governor campaign launched a new ad, “Day One,” to highlight Brandon’s commitment to expanding Medicaid on day one as governor so that 220,000 working Mississippians can get the healthcare they need and rural hospitals can stay open.


In the ad, Brandon Presley focuses on the hospitals across Mississippi that, under Tate Reeves’ watch, have had to cut essential services, lay off employees, or close altogether, and how many more hospitals could face closure if no action is taken. While Tate Reeves has blocked Medicaid expansion, which has cost Mississippi billions of dollars, Brandon Presley is committed to expanding Medicaid on day one as governor to begin the work to end this hospital crisis.

Mississippi’s hospital crisis includes at least five rural hospitals ending inpatient services (which the State Health Officer Daniel Edney equates to a hospital closure). Greenwood Leflore closed several departments and services, including neurosurgery, urology, inpatient dialysis, and labor and delivery. St. Dominic’s Hospital closed its entire behavioral health unit, laying off 157 workers, and now psychiatric beds are full at nearby hospitals, and the North Mississippi Medical Center announced they were laying off around 100 people.

Last month, when asked about hospitals laying off workers, Tate Reeves “chuckled, didn’t substantively respond and brushed off the question” in a gaggle of reporters at the Neshoba County Fair. He is not taking this crisis seriously.

“Not only has Tate Reeves been caught in the largest public corruption scandal in state history, he is also the hospital closure governor. He could care less if you live healthy or die,” said Ron Owens, Brandon Presley for Mississippi Campaign Manager. “Brandon Presley is committed to expanding Medicaid on day one as governor, because he understands the tough choices families have to make between putting food on the table or going to see the doctor, and he knows that a hospital closing puts entire communities at risk. Mississippians are ready for a leader who will do everything to end this hospital crisis.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

BRANDON PRESLEY: It’s a crisis. Mississippi hospitals keep shutting down, leaving communities without care and thousands without jobs.

And right now, 34 more face closure.

With the stroke of a pen, Tate Reeves could keep them open. But he refuses.

TATE REEVES CLIP: My position has not changed. I am opposed to expanding Medicaid.

BRANDON PRESLEY: Tate Reeves is playing politics with our hospitals.

On day one as governor, I’ll expand Medicaid to keep our hospitals open and our people healthy.


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