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Presley For Governor Campaign Releases New Radio Ad, “No,” To Reach Black Mississippians

Narrator: “He’s Had Four Years To Help Us, And He’s Done Nothing. And It’s Why, In November, We Have To Say No To Tate Reeves.”


September 19, 2023

Nettleton – Today, the Presley for Governor campaign is announcing a new radio ad to reach Black voters across the state titled, “No,” highlighting why Mississippians should reject Tate Reeves this November because he has looked out for himself and his rich friends instead of Mississippi families. The sixty-second spot will reach Mississippians through a six-figure advertising buy on radio stations across the state.

The ad highlights how Tate has said no to expanding Medicaid, eliminating the highest grocery tax in the country, and raising the minimum wage while he gave himself a nearly $38,000 raise. Tate Reeves has had four years to help Mississippians - and he hasn’t done a thing. 

“There is so much at stake in this election - from eliminating the highest grocery tax in the country to expanding Medicaid so thousands can have access to affordable healthcare - and that’s why our campaign is investing in historic outreach programs to connect with Black voters,” said Ron Owens, Campaign Manager of Brandon Presley for Governor. “This November, Mississippians will reject Tate Reeves because he’s had four years and done nothing to help hardworking families get ahead.” 

You can listen to the ad here and view a full transcript below: 

NARRATOR: Let me tell you about the man that is our Governor

He looks down on us

Thinks Mississippians have no good sense

Was born with a silver spoon in his mouth

And has spent his entire time as Governor looking out for his big-shot friends instead of us. 

That’s Tate Reeves 

He’s caught up in the largest corruption scandal in state history 

Millions of dollars stolen from education and jobs programs and given to Tate Reeves’ rich friends

And when the investigator assigned to the case got too close… he fired him. 

But when our community asks for help? Tate Reeves says No

No to expanding Medicaid that would keep our hospitals open and bring healthcare to thousands

No to raising the minimum wage even while he gave himself a nearly thirty-eight thousand dollar

And no to eliminating the grocery tax

He’s had four years to help us, and he’s done nothing

And it’s why, in November, we have to say No to Tate Reeves.

Paid for by the Brandon Presley Campaign.


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