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Presley For Governor Campaign Releases New Digital Ad, “Bombshell,” Highlighting How The Largest Public Corruption Scandal In State History Is Now A Reeves Family Affair

Voiceover: “Secret Text Messages, An Investigator Fired By The Governor, And Millions Stolen From The Poor And Given To Reeves’ Rich Friends.”


September 12, 2023

Nettleton - Today, the Presley for Governor campaign launched a new digital ad, “Bombshell,” to highlight the bombshell report that revealed Todd Reeves, Tainted Tate Reeves’ brother, coordinated in a backchannel with state Auditor Shad White to do damage control for Brett Favre after the OSA audit revealed that millions of taxpayer dollars meant for working families were stolen and misspent on a volleyball stadium, a horse ranch, and even to fund Tate’s own personal trainer. The digital ad is part of the campaign’s six-figure digital buy to educate Mississippians about Tate Reeves’ never-ending corruption.


The ad highlights news coverage from the breaking new report, which puts the spotlight on Tate Reeves’ stalling the welfare scandal investigation by firing the former prosecutor investigating the volleyball stadium, his refusal to return campaign contributions from campaign donors and criminals tied to organizations that directly benefit from the welfare scandal, and his failure to perform legislative oversight duties to stop the embezzlement as lieutenant governor. 

Last week, Brandon Presley called on Tate Reeves to recuse himself from the welfare scandal investigation and to have an independent assessment of his and his brothers’ communications with everyone and anyone named in the investigation into the largest public corruption scandal in state history. Tate Reeves and his brother have failed to release their text messages between themselves and key figures in the scandal - what else are they hiding from Mississippians?

“The investigation into the largest public corruption scandal in state history just became a Reeves family affair, and the closer we get to the truth about Tate Reeves, the more he hides from Mississippians and media,” said Ron Owens, Brandon Presley for Governor Campaign Manager. “Brandon Presley is a leader with a backbone, and the only candidate in this race who has put forward a clear plan to curb corruption and create a government that works for all Mississippians.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

VOICEOVER: Bombshell news in the Tate Reeves Welfare Scandal, now including the Governor's brother. 

NEWS REPORTER: Tate Reeves’ brother is now being brought into the ongoing Mississippi welfare scandal.

NEWS REPORTER: Newly released text messages raise questions about the state’s largest welfare scandal. 

VOICEOVER: The texts appear to show Todd Reeves as a go between. Secret text messages, an investigator fired by the governor, and millions stolen from the poor and given to Reeves’ rich friends. 

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