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Presley For Governor Campaign Releases Fourth TV Ad, “Family Bible”

Presley: “As governor, I won’t have all the answers, but I’ll always know where to turn when I don’t.”


August 11, 2023

Nettleton - Today, the Presley for Governor campaign launched our fourth TV ad, “Family Bible,” a thirty-second ad where Brandon talks how growing up in tough times, his family Bible often was the only place his family had to turn, and his Christian faith has guided him throughout his career. 


In the ad, Brandon Presley is sitting in his home in his hometown of Nettleton next to his family Bible. He talks about how his Christian faith shaped who he is and what he believes, including being pro-life, cutting taxes, and balancing the budget as Mayor of Nettleton and helping his neighbors. Brandon’s Christian faith teaches him that we should want to help those who Jesus said we should care about - including the sick and the downtrodden - which is why as governor, he will support Medicaid expansion to provide healthcare to 220,000 working Mississippians. He admits that he doesn’t always have all the answers, but his family Bible guides him every day of his life. Brandon feels that being a Christian is more than quoting Bible verses, but understanding the words of Christ and carrying them out as governor. 

His wife, Katelyn, has said that working with churches to feed the homeless at the Governor’s Mansion would be a top priority as First Lady. The Presleys, who are Methodists, believe that being the “hands and feet of Jesus” should be a priority as the state’s First Family. 

“Like so many Mississippians, Brandon knows that in hard times, sometimes the family Bible is the only place you have to turn,” said Ron Owens, Brandon Presley for Mississippi Campaign Manager. “Tate Reeves is fiddling his thumbs while hospitals across the state are laying off employees, cutting essential services, or shutting down completely. Faith guides Brandon’s decisions, which is why he will keep rural hospitals open, cut taxes for working families, and clean up state government.”

Watch the ad here and view a full transcript below:

BRANDON PRESLEY: When you grow up worrying if your water will turn on or if your lights are going to get cut off, sometimes a family Bible is the only place you have to turn. 

This is ours, and it shaped who I am and what I believe. 

It’s why I’m pro-life. 

It’s why I served my neighbors as Mayor, cutting taxes and balancing budgets. And it’s why I’ll expand Medicaid to working people who need it most. 

I’m Brandon Presley. And as governor, I won’t have all the answers, but I’ll always know where to turn when I don’t.


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