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Meet Zach “No Good” New: Tainted Tate’s Friend Who Got Caught Using Stolen Taxpayer Dollars To Pay Off A Personal Loan

Tainted Tate Reeves’ Donor, Who Faces 75 Years In Jail, Got To Pay Off A Personal Loan At Taxpayer Expense!


Nettleton – Meet Tainted Tate’s buddy Zach “No Good” New, who pled guilty to pocketing taxpayer money for his own personal use. Auditors said Zach used his stolen welfare funds to pay back a loan on his retirement account - must be nice! 

He and his mother were indicted on charges of misusing public money for personal use and pled guilty for misusing taxpayer funds for pet projects like a volleyball stadium. 

Nancy and Zach New’s collective charges included four counts of bribing a public official, two counts of fraud against the government, six counts of wire fraud and one count of racketeering in connection with the largest welfare scandal in Mississippi history. He is facing 75 years in jail for schemes that helped Tainted Tate’s buddies and campaign donors. 

Under Tate Reeves’ watch, MCEC, the Nancy New-led non-profit, transferred over $6 million to private schools owned by Nancy New, bought luxury vehicles for New family members and paid expensive rents on property owned by the News. 

Nancy and Zach New’s New Summit School “fleeced” the Mississippi Department of Education out of more than $2 million using an education program that primarily served children placed in hospitals or in licensed psychiatric facilities. Tainted Tate’s campaign said they were “proud” to film their ad at the New’s school, which aired while the News faced criminal investigations.

In 2020, Tate Reeves pledged to return donations from guilty defendants in the Mississippi welfare scandal, including Nancy New and Zach New, who gave his campaign $8,500 from 2017-2019 during the welfare scandal. He has broken that promise and even had a temper tantrum when asked about his failure to return donations. 

“Zach ‘No Good’ New will follow Tainted Tate around the Neshoba County Fair today just like his shadow follows Tate around his entire corrupt political career. No matter where Tate Reeves goes, the stench of his cronies’ crimes will follow him because when the investigator got too close, Tate Reeves fired him to protect his tainted friends,” said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for Brandon Presley.


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