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Fact Check: Tate Reeves Launches Desperate, Already Debunked Attack To Hide His Own Self-Serving Corruption

Today, Tate Reeves desperately released a new TV ad that was already debunked to try to cover up his role in the largest public corruption scandal in state history.


October 6, 2023

Nettleton – Today, Tate Reeves desperately released a new TV ad that was already debunked to try to cover up his role in the largest public corruption scandal in state history.

First, in the new TV ad, Tate Reeves falsely claims that Brandon Presley is accepting illegal campaign contributions. The narrator says, “Check after check, breaking the law.” A report from WJTV found that in the instance of these donations, “No one broke the law. Alternative and renewable energy providers are not listed anywhere in these laws nor is it deemed as a public utility.” Both Democratic and Republican Public Service Commissioners agreed that the law was “absolutely clear” that these businesses are not public utilities.

Second, the new TV ad photoshops a property code violation document to make their case about a false campaign finance violation. You can see in the image the ad says “Tenant” on the form and 700 NW 19th Avenue, the location of the Fort Lauderdale property code enforcement office. Tate Reeves’ team is so desperate to hide their own corruption they have to resort to fake images to make their case. Let’s be clear: the only property that needs to be inspected is Tate Reeves’ Governor’s Mansion after he funneled $2.4 million taxpayer dollars to pay for extravagant renovations.

Brandon Presley is the only candidate in this race who has released a bold ethics plan that includes campaign finance reform - because it is a serious issue to him, not a campaign stunt. His bold plan would limit the gifts from lobbyists, prevent politicians from receiving campaign contributions while the legislature is in session, and prohibit corporations from making campaign contributions. 

Meanwhile, Tate Reeves continues to fund his campaign with donations from central figures in the largest public corruption scandal in state history - breaking a promise he made to Mississippians to return those donations. 

The only candidate taking campaign contributions from utility companies and then doing their bidding at the expense of Mississippians is Tate Reeves, who has accepted over a hundred thousand dollars from Mississippi Power and pushed through a bill to saddle taxpayers with a billion-dollar bailout of the company’s $7.5 billion dollar boondoggle. Brandon Presley opposed the Kemper boondoggle and the lobbyists supporting it, while Tate Reeves’ corruption could have raised Mississippians’ power bills by 41 percent. But hey, as long he is collecting campaign cash, Tate doesn’t care if Mississippians pay more.

“This ad is a lie and a desperate attempt from Tate Reeves to distract from the fact that he is the most corrupt governor in Mississippi history. Tate Reeves knows he can’t defend his own self-serving corruption - from giving himself a nearly $40,000 raise and spending millions of taxpayer dollars on governor’s mansion renovations to fund his luxury lifestyle - so he has to invent new lies to try to cover for it,” said Michael Beyer, Communications Director for the Brandon Presley for Governor Campaign.


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