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Brandon Presley Campaign Crushes Tate Reeves In Fundraising

Presley Posts Record-Breaking $1.1M, Outraising Reeves By Nearly Four Times


August 1, 2023

Nettleton – Following the news that the Brandon Presley for Governor campaign outraised Tate Reeves by nearly four times, Campaign Manager Ron Owens released the following statement:

“The real Mississippi momentum is behind Brandon Presley’s campaign to bring change to the governor’s office. This record-breaking fundraising further proves that Mississippians are ready to elect Brandon Presley, who will end corruption, stop Tate Reeves’ healthcare crisis, and cut car tag fees in half.”


  • Tate Reeves’ campaign reported raising $309,111, nearly four times less than the massive $1.1 million haul from Brandon Presley’s campaign.


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