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Brandon Presley Accepts 5 Debates Before The November Election

Tate Reeves Has Not Publicly Accepted Any Debates


October 3, 2023

Nettleton – Today, Brandon Presley announced that he has accepted 5 specific debates in the race for Governor of Mississippi. To date, Tate Reeves has not publicly accepted any debates. Democratic Gubernatorial Brandon Presley released the following statement:

“I’ve said before that I’ll debate anywhere and anytime because Mississippians deserve answers from their elected officials. That’s why I am agreeing to five debates right now. Unlike Tate Reeves, I am not going to hide in the Governor’s Mansion. He won’t even show up in his own TV ads,” said Brandon Presley, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee. “Because whether it’s answering Mississippians’ questions about why their community hospital is on the brink of closing, why Mississippi has the highest tax on food in the country, or why he tries to cover up his role in the largest public corruption scandal in state history, Tate Reeves owes the people of Mississippi answers to the biggest challenges facing the state.”

Two months ago, Brandon Presley challenged Tate Reeves to five debates. So far, Tate has publicly accepted none despite telling the press that his team is in communication to schedule debates with Brandon. Last week, the Brandon Presley for Governor campaign released a new TV ad, “Hunt,” highlighting how Tate Reeves is hiding from Mississippians because he is the most corrupt governor in state history and he has failed on healthcare.

The debate schedule agreed to by Presley today is as follows:

  • A WJTV Debate on October 13

  • A Gray TV (WLBT, WLOX, WDAM, WTOK, WCBI, WMC) Debate on October 26

  • NAACP Candidate Debates on October 9 and 19

  • A Stennis Capitol Press Forum Debate on October 23


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